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TFW Testimonials

Without sounding like an infomercial for Training For Warriors at 3:00AM, I'd like to share my experience with the TFW workout thus far.


I am a 30 year old male that is still recovering from a series of back surgeries, my last one being a fusion only two years ago. I have five screws and two titanium rods holding my back together, so core strength was a big issue for me. I've had a workout routine down for a while and have been eating relatively clean but haven't been all that productive in the gym until here recently. I would get bored pushing weights around and would find only minimal gain until I plateaued and would have to start again. Having back issues finding ways to work my core was always very challenging but obviously a key area that I needed to improve upon post surgery.

I tried TFW during the trial week earlier this year and really enjoyed it, it really challenged me unlike any other workout I had done. Through the instructor I have now learned how to track my heart rate for optimal conditioning and recover in a quick manner. After starting TFW I believe that this style of full body cross training circuit workouts are by far the best way to get fit. Unlike cross-fit this workout is far less punishing on the body. Whereas the TFW instructors can give helpful alternatives to the exercises that cause me pain but still allow me to target key muscle groups.

I do the TFW workout twice a week and do my own routines on recovery days. I have lost seven pounds, down three percent body fat, and a half inch off my waist in the last five weeks. Push-ups were always challenging for me because they require the core strength that I really didn't have after surgery. My first push-up challenge I did 20 full (standard) push-ups and 55 half (on knees) push ups in the allotted four minute time frame. My second push-up challenge, four weeks later, I did 40 full (standard) push-ups and 35 half (on knees) push-ups in four minutes, double my first attempt of full push-ups. I am a firm believer in this workout and the techniques and methodology that Training For Warriors instills.

Training For Warriors is an outstanding workout for anyone, any age, and at any skill level.

Regards- Chris Collier — at Training for Warriors Houston, TX.

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