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Get in the groove with our wide variety of group fitness options. 

Teen F.I.T.


Completion of the Teen F.I.T. course is required for members 13-15 years old who wish to gain second floor/weight room privileges. Students must pass a written exam and demonstrate proper use of fitness equipment. After a student has met the course requirements, second floor/weight room privileges will be granted


The Teen F.I.T. program covers:

  • Heart rate and nutrition facts

  • Warnings about steroids

  • Basic exercise principles

  • Safety while using weights

  • Proper weight room etiquette

  • Benefits of physical activity

  • Basic anatomy



Prices: $30 for class; $65 for semi-private; $80 for private instruction.

Call the MAC to sign up. 281.497.7570

Are you aware of the rising population of Diabetes Type II in young adults?


The sedentary lifestyles of young adults in America are one of the greatest contributing factors of this disease. Getting on a regular exercise regiment will prevent Diabetes Type II and keep you teens more healthy and alert!

Does your teen know how to work out safely and effectively?


Working out at the gym without much knowledge of exercise physiology and safety may cause them more harm than good. Taking the Teen F.I.T. course will enhance the teen's understanding of "working out" and prevent injury by learning how to exercise with correct/safe posture and movement.

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