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MAC FIT Travel

Train harder, fulfill your bucket list dream travel, and build your community.

MAC FIT Travel




Fit Travel is a female owned enterprise, partnering with MAC, dedicated to creating experiences that will help you discover newfound motivation to push your training limits, achieve your travel aspirations, and foster a strong sense of community.

Our expertise lies in curating dynamic active vacations across the globe, tailored for communities of like-minded individuals who thrive on training, forming deep connections, and embarking on exhilarating journeys.


Embark on a journey with FIT Travel and unlock a multitude of unparalleled advantages that enrich your active lifestyle:

Forge Lasting Connections: Discover the joy of forming genuine friendships and deepening bonds as you join forces with fellow fitness enthusiasts. Through shared training endeavors and thrilling adventures, you'll foster connections that extend beyond the vacation.

Elevate Your Pursuits: Elevate your fitness endeavors by working towards concrete goals, such as the remarkable #ThePayoff. With FIT Travel, your training gains new purpose and direction, propelling you towards unprecedented achievements.

Realize Dream Vacations: Fulfill your most coveted travel dreams within the secure embrace of your community. Bid farewell to concerns about unfamiliar customs, languages, and currencies, as you experience the world's wonders while surrounded by familiar faces.

Fearless Adventure: Embrace the spirit of adventure without the worry, hassle, or uncertainty of solo travel planning. With FIT Travel, your expedition is expertly curated, freeing you to indulge in the thrill of exploration with absolute confidence.

Enhanced Group Experiences: Group trips through FIT Travel offer exceptional value and enhanced amenities. Benefit from collective bargaining power as you enjoy more for your investment, creating memories that are truly priceless.


Seamless Extensions: Extend your journey beyond the ordinary by seamlessly incorporating moments of relaxation, spa indulgence, and captivating sight-seeing. With FIT Travel, your trip extends beyond physical activity, ensuring holistic rejuvenation and holistic exploration.

Join us in embracing these outstanding benefits and redefine the way you train, travel, and connect with the world around you.





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