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The fastest way to become a better athlete.

Parisi Evaluation (Ages 7-18)

Until an athlete knows his or her current level of ability, it is impossible to realistically recommend programming, create goals and monitor progress. The Parisi Evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for four main reasons:

  • Assesses the current level of an athlete's ability

  • Allows proper placement in our variety of programming

  • Provides individualized coaching and focus

  • Records and monitors progress toward success


The Parisi Evaluation is mandatory for every athlete who enters the Parisi program. During the evaluation, athletes are taught our signature Active Dynamic Warm-Up, are examined during our Running Analysis procedure, and tested in a battery of physical speed and strength movements. After the evaluation, every athlete and parent meets individually with the Evaluator to review the results and select the appropriate program that fits the athlete's needs.

Jump Start (Ages 7-12) 

Focuses on setting an early athletic foundation

The Parisi Jump Start Program utilizes the most up-to-date research to build a young athlete's physical foundation and improve coordination and self-esteem. Our signature speed and strength training methods are serious, but all within a fun and friendly environment to ensure the young athlete is engaged and motivated to give 110%.

In many of our locations, the Jump Start program is divided into Jump Start I for ages 7 - 10 and Jump Start II for ages 11 - 12. Regardless of the division, our Performance Coaches are specifically trained to motivate and challenge the young athlete, while providing age-level safe and appropriate training techniques and corrections that set a foundation for good life-time habits.

Jump Start is a must for any young person who wants to develop foundational athletic skills that will help them rise above their competition.

Speed is a learned skill, and Parisi Speed School is the place to learn!

The Jump Start Program has been proven to enhance:

  • Coordination

  • Running Technique

  • Body Weight Strength

  • First Step Quickness

  • Flexibility

  • Injury Prevention

  • Weight Loss

  • Self Confidence

Parisi Youth Training System

The Parisi Youth Sports Training System is our proprietary methodology that has proven results for youth from age 7 to 18 and beyond.   The following programming is included in the Parisi Youth Sports Training System:

  • Youth Total Conditioning – Focused on youth of all ages, this program is designed to get youth physically fit and create a foundation for a life-long healthy lifestyle, all while having fun!

  • Jump Start – Focused on young athletes from ages 7 – 12, this small group program sets the foundation for success in any sport by focusing on speed, agility and overall coordination.

  • Total Performance – Focused on athletes from ages 13 – 18, this small group program focuses on the techniques used in speed, agility and strength to maximize improvements in athletic performance.

  • PEAK (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge) – Focused on the elite athlete of all ages, this individualized coaching program focuses on individual needs, goals and improvements needed to complete in his/her specific sport at a competitive level.

PEAK (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge)

Elite Athletes (all ages)

Focuses on training for those aspiring to compete at the highest levels

The Parisi PEAK Program was created for elite athletes who aspire to compete at the highest levels. The program focuses on each individual's needs and desired improvements for his or her specific sport. PEAK can be added to our Jump Start and Total Performance programming to provide a comprehensive athlete training program or it can stand on its own to work only on specific needs.

PEAK has an intense focus on specific strength and speed training techniques centered around an athlete's individual needs, recovery, nutrition and regeneration. The training is unmatched in its intensity. It utilizes advanced training methodologies and tools to help athletes break through previous speed and strength plateaus and reach new heights of athletic performance. PEAK athletes are assigned to a specific Parisi Certified Performance Coach who monitors progress and plans progression programming specific to the athlete and his/her progress.

PEAK has been proven to help athletes:

  • Run their fastest sprint time ever

  • Increase vertical jump

  • Break their all-time max lift

  • Maximize agility

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The Parisi Challenge

The Parisi Challenge is fun and competitive for athletes of all Parisi programs to monitor and measure their progress and accomplishments. Athlete scores are published and ranked on a local and national level to create a sense of competition and camaraderie for the challenge.

The challenge includes:

Cat Club Challenge - (for ages 7 - 12) - provides 8-levels of "cat achievement," with rewards and recognition along the way.


Combine Challenge - (for ages 13 - 18 and PEAK athletes) - provides 5-levels of "combine achievement," with rewards and recognition along the way.

The Parisi Challenge

Phil Simms on Parisi


Phil Simms, Super Bowl MVP and CBS Sports Commentator, is a long-time supporter of Parisi and the Parisi Youth Training System. Phil speaks from experience because he was actually trained by Bill Parisi and Phil's kids, Chris, Matt, and Deirdre, have all been Parisi athletes.

What Our Clients Are Saying

— at Parisi Speed School, Memorial Athletic Club, Houston, TX

We recently enrolled both our kids in Parisi (8 & 10 years) & they have absolutely loved it! The coaches are great & we have seen much improvement in their speed, coordination, and strength. Their confidence level has improved greatly as well. Really cannot say enough positive things about the program, wished we would have started our kiddos sooner!

— Christy Barnett

I recently graduated and am in college now, but I spent most of my time in high school at parisi. It is hard to say the impact it truly had on my life. Chris and the rest of the coaches are truly amazing, not just as coaches but as people. The coaches truly care about your success and your improvement. This isn’t just as an athlete, Chris constantly would ask how my grades are going and encourage me to keep up the hard work. Parisi was an experience that gave me confidence and joy. Because of Parisi I saw major improvement in just over a year. My vertical went from 17 inches to 29.5 inches. My 40 time went from 5.6 seconds to 4.8 seconds. My max bench went up to 250 and my squat went up to 315. Parisi is a one of my favorite places to be and I truly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

— Nicholas Karolys

What can I about the Parisi program, Chris, and his amazing Coaching team. They have done wonders with our daughter. When our daughter started, her fundamentals were lacking. The team at Parisi trained her for strength, agility, speed, stamina and flexibility and drastically improved her basics to where the difference was night and day. Other parents noticed the improvements as well. We are so thankful that we met Chris and found Parisi. Our daughter has been attending this program since 2013 and continues to do so. The Parisi team also goes beyond the athletics program and is more like a family. During the recent Hurricane Harvey aftermath in West Houston, Chris and his team reached out to us and other members of the Community to offer assistance. That was truly heartwarming. Great people, great facility, great team. Fully endorse them.

— Masood Abdulaziz

My daughter, Chloe, has been a steady member of the Parisi Speed School at MAC for 3 years. The goal was to improve her speed and strength in order to to better compete at the super champs level of tennis in Texas. Not only were the instructors knowledgeable in helping Chloe improve her speed and strength significantly, they also deeply care about her as an individual and a team member. Chris has helped with Chloe's self confidence as well as develop her to be a strong athlete. Chloe continues to attend Parisi classes even as a senior. We are very glad for Chloe to have had this unique experience. Our family are all members of the MAC and have been for years. I highly recommend this class to high level athletes in high schools and colleges or to teens or pre-teens who want to develop to be a good / outstanding athlete in any sport. — Angelique Sands

I could go on and on about Parisi Speed at MAC but I will keep it simple. It is great. Chris and Jeff have created a program that is great for all ages. Youth speed, strength, agility, etc. is definitely their wheelhouse. Many programs to choose from for all situations. Oh yeah, and they REALLY care about the success of your kid. Blessing to have my kids there.

— John Denson

Been attending Parisi since I was 12 and now I'm 20 in college, it's been a great program and experience . It definitely helped me get faster and better with my sports while i was in middle school and high school. Coaches are great with the athletes and encourage them to become better everyday. Definitely recommend anyone wanting to get faster, stronger in their sports!!! — Netanya Garcia

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this program or the staff! My son has taken private lessons with Coach Chris off and on for almost a year and we have seen a remarkable improvement in his speed, strength, coordination and his confidence. It was truly one of the best decisions we have made! As a bonus, he really loves going. If you have ever considered it, schedule an evaluation you will be so glad you did!

— Sara Skelton

Parisi speed school has been great for both my sons. It's improved their speed and taught them proper weight lifting techniques. The staff members are amazing. For the past 4 years we driven from Pearland to their place in the MAC center two times a week that's how much we like it there.

— Rhonda Garza

I've been a coach and the co-director with the Parisi Speed School since 2007 at the Memorial Athletic Club. I can honestly say it's been the best learning experience for myself and the rest of our coaching team. If you are looking for tried and proven athletic skill techniques come learn from the best. Our team has a passion in working with youth ages 7 - 12 and teens from 13-18 years old. Speed is skill and we can prove it.

— Jefferson Biehl

My son and daughter both participated in the Parisi Speed School Program at the Memorial Athletic Club and really enjoyed showing up to workout!! I was shocked and so were the coaches when they asked what my kids did for the summer and I told them it was the Parisi Speed School summer camps that helped them not only as an athlete but their confidence was increased by the work they had done! Love this place!!

— Carrie Gimmestad

We started my son in Parisi at 7. He has ADHD and was not ready to be in the group class setting. He lacked focus and was not confident in his athletic abilities. He was not a kid who pushed himself to excel athletically. We enrolled him in private sessions 2 times per week for 30 minutes with Coach Cobo. It is hard to put into words the amazing transformation we have seen in him. Not only did we see a major difference in his physical abilities, but his focus, concentration and self esteem went through the roof. It has been such a great experience for us that we enrolled my daughter as well. They both love coming to Parisi and like my son, we have seen huge improvements in my daughters athletic ability. Chris and all the coaches there do an amazing job of motivating the kids and really making them want to try their hardest to reach their goals. I cannot say enough good things about Coach Cobo. He has motivated my son and encouraged him to set new goals each time he accomplishes a new skill or personal best...highly recommend!!

— Alana Bethea

Parisi Youth Training System FAQ's

How many times can my youth/athlete train per week and what is optimal?

The amount of training per week depends on the specific Parisi program. Some programs are unlimited, while others are specific to a number of days per week. The optimal amount of training per week again depends on the program, but in general 2 - 3 days per week is average.

What is the best Parisi program for my youth/athlete?

The best programming for your youth/athlete depends on the his/her goals, and yours. The only way to determine the best fit is to contact your local Parisi and book an evaluation. During that time, the Parisi staff will discuss the results of the evaluation, along with goals and recommend the most appropriate program for your youth/athlete.

What is best if my youth is not an athlete and he or she is just looking to get into shape?

If your youth is looking to get active, lose weight and/or get in shape, then the Total Conditioning is the answer. Many of our Total Conditioning youth find the "athlete within them" during the Total Conditioning experience and go on to train like an athlete in our sports performance program.

What is youth sports performance training?

Sports performance training is a relatively new term. It focuses on training a young athlete to be the best he/she can be in his/her chosen sport. The training includes the foundations of any good athlete: speed, agility, strength and self-confidence. And, an added benefit of good sports performance training is a reduction of sports related injuries.

How much does it cost?

Parisi programming has a variety of pricing offerings to fit into any budget. We offer "pay up front" and monthly options. Most of our locations offer no-contract and contract options based on what works best for your situation, as well as flexibility to "freeze" Parisi participation during your athlete's sports season.

How does scheduling work?

In most locations, Parisi offers every 50-minute to 1-hour program at least once a day and usually multiple times per day. Since most youth/athletes train 2 - 3 times per week, this schedule provides the maximum flexibility for your busy schedule. We even offer Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) classes in most locations. Contact your local Parisi for specifics about that locations schedule.

How many youth/athletes are in a class?

Class size depends on the program, but generally we follow class sizes below:

  • Youth Total Conditioning - 15 to 25

  • Jump Start and Total Performance - 6 to 8

  • PEAK - 1- 4


Does the program include weight-lifting... I have heard that is unsafe for young children?

Our Total Conditioning and Jump Start programs do not include weight lifting, but use body weight techniques to increase strength in a safe and effective way. Athletes in our Total Performance and PEAK programs will incorporate carefully scripted and monitored weight lifting into their programs. All of our strength scripts for these programs have been written and approved by experts in the field of youth sports performance. You can rest assured that your athlete will be well taken care of in our programs!

How long will it take to see results?

Results depend on the effort your youth/athlete puts into the program. Most youth/athletes who come 2 - 3 times per week and are engaged in the sessions will feel and see immediate results, but you will begin seeing results after only several weeks. If you ever question your youth/athlete's progress, the Parisi staff will be happy to conduct an updated evaluation.

How is the Parisi program different than other youth sports performance offerings?

Our founder, Bill Parisi, has been training young athletes for 20-years. His methodologies and programming where built for youth, NOT an adult program that is "customized" for youth. Additionally, Parisi coaches are certified to train youth, which is a different set of skills than training adults. Parisi has been in the business of training youth since our is not simply another market beyond adult to sell for us!

Parisi FAQs
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