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A positive and inspiring facility designed and equipped with the most state of the art exercise machines.

Fitness Facility

  • Instruction and programs specialize in women's needs.

  • All members receive free orientation and instruction on exercise equipment.

  • Personal training is also available with our certified training staff.

Pilates Program

Mat based classes These classes are included with your membership.

Download schedules in PDF format:

Class Schedule at the MAC and MAC for Women

MAC for Women classes highlighted in PINK.

Personal Training takes the benefits of Pilates to a whole new level using our highly specialized equipment such as: Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Reformer, Spine Corrector, Spine Supporter, Stability Chair, and much more. Work with our highly-trained Pilates instructors to receive a total body workout customized to your needs and goals. There is an additional fee for these services.  

Our Pilates Personal Trainers

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Private Pilates Training

  • Single Person Private – starting at $65/hr

  • Two Person Private – starting at $35/hr. per person

Fitness Instruction Options


Fast Track. The Fast Track program is a 45-minute orientation to the our clubs' cardiovascular and weight room area. Included in the orientation are introductions to and demonstrations of our Matrix Equipment Circuit, cardiovascular equipment and Cardio Theatre systems. Free to MAC members. Please schedule at the front desk.

All female members have access to MAC for Women and Memorial Athletic Club & Aquatic Center. Our Club is co-ed in the Group Studios from 6:30 pm to closing. Men are welcome at that time.

General Fitness Instructions. Our General Fitness Instruction sessions consist of two 1-hour fitness orientation appointments. During the first appointment, a fitness instructor will complete a brief health screening, which includes pulse and blood pressure readings, body composition analysis, circumferential measurements, body weight and height measurements, and then introduce you to the cardiovascular equipment and Cardio Theatre system. During the second appointment, a general weight training circuit program will be designed for you on our Cybex/Lifefitness Strength Line Circuits with emphasis on proper form and technique. Free to MACAC members. Please schedule at the front desk.

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Want it mobile? Download the APP! View and Book our Pilates classes through MindBody today!

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MYZONE is a new innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. MYZONE belts are available for purchase at the MAC or MAC for Women.

More information and video.

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