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Get in the groove with our wide variety of group fitness options. 

Screen & Stretch

Complimentary for all members!

The MAC is excited to offer a great program, complimentary to all members! The MAC Screen & Stretch will increase awareness and assist in preventing injuries. The lack of flexibility puts tremendous pressure on joints, ligaments, and muscles. This program will assist you in your daily activities, overall comfort and athletic performance.


Feel Better, Move Better

"Poor flexibility decreases your body's ability to maintain proper posture, limits proper joint motion increasing the risk for low-back pain, joint pain, and injury during everday activities. Conversely, having adequate flexibility and mobility will help reduce joint stress decreasing general aches and pains, in addition to improving your overall quality of movement." National Academy of Sports Medicine


Screen & Stretch at the Memorial Athletic Club & Aquatic Center

The program is divided into two appointments. The first appointment takes approximately 25-30 minutes and will involve you performing 5 simple movements which may help to discover your tightness and or asymmetries.

The second appointment takes approximately 30-45 minutes and will involve administering your individual flexibility plan.


MAC Screen & Stretch is a complimentary program offered to all members!

Appointments can be made at our front desk at both the MACAC and MAC for Women.

See our video description of the MAC Screen & Stretch as presented by our Fitness Director, Jeff Biehl.

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