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Get in the groove with our wide variety of group fitness options. 



All of our Yoga classes offered at the Memorial Athletic Club are Hatha Yoga classes with an emphasis on mind, body and breath. Within Hatha Yoga there are many styles. Yoga is a discipline of uniting the body, mind and soul. Simple, yet effective yoga postures and breathing techniques help restore balance by helping to strengthen the body, develop a strong core, calm our mind, and regain focus and flexibility. This results in improved self-confidence and quality of life. It can be a challenging total body workout for all levels of experience and has something for everyone. It can also greatly reduce stress, tension and anxiety. A regular practice can lead to lifestyle changes, relief of symptoms of chronic illnesses, reduced insomnia and improved mindfulness. This practice also leads to a more powerful, stronger, flexible and defined body. The breathing techniques taught help bring more oxygen to the blood and brain. Breathing goes hand in hand with all Yoga poses and is key for increasing endurance. Some breathing techniques that the students learn are used during meditation by stilling the agitation of the mind.

All yoga classes are included in your membership, no registration is required. We have a convenient schedule offering many different styles of yoga classes, approximately 40 classes per week, designed for all levels of experience and abilities. These classes are offered throughout the day and taught at the MACAC and MAC for Women.

The goal of our certified Yoga instructors is to create a friendly, accepting, safe, effective and educational experience for every student. The professional experiences, unique personalities and teaching styles of our Yoga instructors allow for varied approaches to the common goals. Our instructors bring years of training, passion and experience to our students and are happy to guide our students with modifications and props as needed. Trying multiple instructors and classes will help you identify what style and perspective on Yoga appeals most to you. These options leave you with the power to transform yourself with more energy, freedom and strength, both in and out of the yoga classroom.

To ensure a positive experience in your Yoga journey, we recommend arriving to class early to meet the instructor and let them know about any physical limitations you are dealing with. We also recommend wearing comfortable, non-binding clothes that allow you to move freely, stretch and sweat. Although you are encouraged to practice barefooted, it is always your choice.

Yoga blocks and straps are provided in every studio for your convenience. We recommend that you provide your own mat however if you have forgotten yours we have some that you may borrow. Please return all equipment neatly back into its place at the end of class.

Silencing your cell phones ensures a distraction free environment for yourself and fellow students. Strong fragrances are discouraged in the class as they can be distracting and some members may have sensitivity to certain odors.

Yoga Session
Vinyasa Yoga

Here are some of our yoga classes and descriptions of each that we offer at the Memorial Athletic Club:

Yoga Basics. Open to all students regardless of experience, yet structured for beginners. Whether you are new to yoga or reviewing the basic foundations and joint alignment, our certified instructors break down postures, teach and demonstrate modifications, transitions and options to increase the difficulty in each pose. Results include improved strength and flexibility, calmness, awareness and finding your own personal edge. Props such as blocks and straps are provided and encouraged.

Active Vinyasa Yoga. This class is recommended for the intermediate or advanced yoga practitioner. This is a progressive series of challenging asanas that flows one into the other, typically including Sun Salutations. These classes improve strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, breathing and concentration. This helps to still the agitation of your mind while disciplining and strengthening your body.

Advanced Active Vinyasa Yoga. This Vinyasa class is based on a strong focus of core moves and poses leading to arm balances and inversions and other more advanced asanas. The practice will be geared toward the intermediate to advanced student. This is NOT recommended for beginners.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. (Intermediate/Advanced) This class involves following a set of yoga poses sequences throughout the session which include forward bends, standing balances, twists, inversion, back bends and more. Each pose is held for 5-10 breaths and ends learning to relax and recover.

Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is a gentle, slow paced, basic yoga class. This is also a great place to learn beginner's poses, breathing and relaxation techniques. Hatha Yoga practice is cultivating awareness of mind, body and breath with a foundation of all of these.

Kids Yoga. Kids will be challenged in fun environment while increasing concentration, lung capacity, flexibility, muscle tone and balance. We will work to decrease anxiety, potential depression triggers and unhealthy self-judgement with exercise and laughter. Ages 6-12

Power Yoga. Power Yoga is a fitness-based yoga practice that challenges your mind and body through yoga poses that increase stamina, build strength and flexibility and can help reduce stress.

Restorative Relaxation Yin Yoga. You can expect to feel deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension, while slowly stretching connective tissue to your range of motion, with the support of straps and props. You will combine breathing with awareness of your current limitations in mobility due to injury, inactivity or sport related issues. This leads to deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance. This practice is a healing journey for all levels, and complements all activities and vigorous classes.

We also offer a variety of classes that blend the core firming and muscle sculpting benefits of Pilates, the lengthening of muscles found in Ballet and the flexibility and strength benefits of Yoga in to the following formats. All of the classes are also included in your membership.

Barre Above. Barre Above is an exercise routine that's based on the strength routines used by dancers to maintain long, strong muscles, flexibility and good posture. It's an intense workout that works quickly to give you longer, leaner, dense muscles and burn excess body fat. Most of the class will rely on bodyweight moves and may also incorporate light hand weights to help intensify the moves. These classes will challenge balance and stability by causing the body to move in multiple planes of motion. This means increased flexibility, better balance and potentially fewer injuries all around.

CardioBARRE. A unique, high energy/no impact exercise class that combines barre work and light weights with continual fat burning motion. Central to the workout are toning and resistance exercises for the butt, legs, torso, and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the appearance of your body.

Yoga Fusion. Challenging fitness class combing the best from Yoga, Barre and Pilates, utilizing different props, weights and sequencing in each class to enhance the sculpting of your entire body, raise your glutes and tighten abs. The conditioning of your heart and burning major calories will bring you back for more as no two classes are the same to keep you excited and challenged.

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