Warrior Sessions

Monday-Tuesday: Hurricanes

Hurricane sessions include a dynamic warm-up 20-22 minutes, followed by a 1:30 minute ANAEROBIC challenge 9 times, which will test your ability to work at intensity levels of 80-92% of Max Heart Rate. Training at the this level is very challenging, but has been proven in exercise science to burn the most calories, get you in the best shape of your life, reduce body fat and inches, etc. We do monitor heart rates to make sure you are working in your safe target heart range, by watching recovery heart rates.

Wednesday-Thursday: Metabolic Circuits

Metabolic Circuits include a different dynamic warm-up for 20-22 minutes, followed 5-6 stations each with a different area of work and focus. Each station lasts 30 second and up to 1 minute, switching stations with only 15-30 second rest until all the stations have been completed. Again the focus is getting the heart rate up into the 80-92% of your Max Heart Rate area. After finishing the entire circuit recovery heart rates are monitored to make sure you are working in your right area.

— at Training for Warriors Houston, TX.

Friday-Saturday: Strength

Strength Day includes a shorter warm-up 5-10 minutes, followed by crawling patterns. Strength work focuses on the primary movers of the upper and lower body with slow 3-4 second lowering phases for optimal eccentric muscle contraction.