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14690 Memorial Drive
Houston TX 77079

14633 Memorial Drive
Houston TX 77079

Pauli Kosclskey

Positions: Personal Trainer, Cancer advanced exercise specialist, Diabetes Physical Fitness Consultant, Parkinson's Disease Specialist

Education: Chemistry PhD., Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research Special Populations, Cancer Exercise Training Institute, American Diabetes Forum Memorial Herman Hospital

Training Philosophy: PEP works! Perseverance, endurance, and progress.  Strength, weight management and functionality possible for all levels of exercisers.

Pauli Kosclskey

(281) 794-9668


Monday - Friday
5 am - 12 pm


$65 per one hour
$40 per one half hour
$300 package of 5 hours
$175 package of 5 half hours

$550 package of 10 hours
$300 package of 10 half hours

Couple Rates

$32.50 per person

Group Rates (three or more)

$25.00 per person