How Does Method Cellular Respiration and Analytics "CRA" Testing Work?

METHOD CRA-Testing pinpoints your prime metabolic zone. It's where your body maximizes the amount of oxygen intake, which allows for maximum performance and fat burning.

Medicine and Exercise both strive to provide you with your path to maximize health and physical performance; but the connection between the two can be difficult to understand. This often leads towards inefficient and ineffective exercise prescription and programs.

With METHOD, exercise and medicine can work together! METHOD allows us to look at an individual's unique metabolic fingerprint at the cellular level. This allows us to prescribe the best training protocol for individuals based on their test results, resulting in optimization of physical performance in every aspect in life.

Who can benefit? Everyone can benefit by incorporating METHOD into their exercise program/prescription.

  • Athletes trying to increase sports performance (speed, strength and endurance).
  • Those wanting to prevent injury during exercise by ensuring they are not breaking down muscle tissue for energy during exercise.
  • Individuals trying to lose weight.
  • Patients recovering from a medical condition/injury.
  • Those who are trying to live a healthy life style.

The METHOD software and CRA Testing is intended to be used by trained, certified health and fitness professionals for the purpose of optimizing weight losss, enhancing athletic performance, preventing injury, improving exercise results, and maximizing recovery.

The Test

In order to determine an individual's metabolic fingerprint; the participant must complete the METHOD CRA-Testing Protocol. METHOD CRA is an incremental exercise test used to determine your Prime, Anaerobic, and Peak heart rate zones. You can then use these heart rate zones to maximize the benefits of your workout while avoiding injury.

Heart Rate Zones

Prime: the point where your body is most efficient and the place where you are most likely to realize performance improvements. When you are in your Prime Zone, your body is maximizing its use of oxygen and is burning the greatest amount of fat as a fuel source.

Anaerobic: your body is exclusively using stored carbohydrates and is no longer burning body fat.

Peak: Exercising in your Peak Zone significantly increases the risk of injury and can decrease performance. When you are in your Peak Zone, your body is depleted of stored fuels and actually begins burning muscle mass. Therefore, the Peak Zone is your top end for developing output (intervals, lifting or high intensity work).

What to Expect

  • 60 min session to include setup, testing, and review of results.
  • Graded incremental exercise test following a specific protocol that will provide a metabolic profile.
  • A drop of blood will be taken at protocol intervals.
  • You will be wearing a heart rate monitor with a chest strap. (Please bring your own MyZone or Polar HR Monitor if you have one.)
  • Test Results representing YOUR unique metabolic fingerprint and exercise recommendations to help you achieve your goals and maximize your workouts.

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Method CRA-Test Pricing
  • MAC/TriMAC Member, $199
  • Non-Member, $229

Sports Performance

Whether you're an athlete or a coach, your goal is to achieve prime sports performance. METHOD will help you:

  • Increase your speed, strength and endurance
  • Recover more quickly
  • Prevent injury during exercise

METHOD gives you a road map for continuous improvement. You monitor your performance in real time. You make adjustments in real time. You work out smarter.

Health, Wellness and Weight Loss

When it comes to improving your health or losing weight, it can be hard to know where to start. Once you take the METHOD test, our specialist will help you begin your personalized path to wellness. Using your unique metabolic fingerprint, we will help you achieve your goals.