The announcement of our monthly dues plans in April was overwhelmingly well received. Dozens of members offered to keep paying their dues without discount in order to help the club remain viable and maintain personnel as much as possible.

While MAC is not billing any members for May, we have an alternate way for those that would appreciate a voluntarily method of contributing to the club's come-back. This contribution will assist in covering the capital investments we are making into a more purified and cleaner environment at MAC.

These include and are not limited to:

  • New hand-free automated front doors
  • Touch-less faucets
  • New air handling systems with UV sanitizers to purify circulated air
  • Continued production of virtual exercise programs.
  • Increased staffing for around the clock sanitation once the club reopens.
  • The entire MAC team is immeasurably grateful for the continued support of our amazing community through the events of the last few years.

    Thank you!

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    We sure miss our MAC Family during this crazy time.

    Stay strong everyone! We will be together again serving our wonderful MAC Members soon.